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Personnel Controlling

The primary object of personnel controlling consideration is the company`s workforce. It is necessary to have a permanent overview of all economic figures - like

  • staff numbers
  • cost structures
  • personnel planning
  • risk management (personnel risk)
  • training needs analysis
  • organizational units
  • cost units

Controlling personnel is far more than a retrospective or best current monthly HR statistics. The instruments of personnel controlling allows future consideration by using foresight and forecast data and analysing trends. This allows to predict statements for the future. The accuracy of these predictions depends on the quality of the output data of the probability of future data and time horizon of the forecast.

Controlling is often (incorrectly) translated with control. While it is a retrospective control and static process, refers Control (correct translation of the term) to a proactive, dynamic planning and consideration. Thus, in HR, for example, amounts to the above qualitative or quantitative data determined and used to guide the human beings.

We help to prepare complex facts according to the needs of your company together with your human resource department and management.