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Welcome to Labour Pool

Human Resources Management

Human Resource is the most vital resource for any organization. Your employees are reponsible for each and every decision taken, each and every work done and each and every result.

We help you to find the adequate solution for human resources matters for your organization.

We work with accuracy and professionalism, but always with the sense of imagination, vision and foresight.

Long-time experience

With the experience of 10 years in the branch of HR services, especially in temporary appointment and aviation industry, we offer advice in all fields relating to personnel employment. With our team of experts we help you to find the best solutions for your organization concerning recruiting, mode of employment, contractual requirements, compensation models, personnel consulting and much more.

In addition to the general field of human resources we are specialized in the aviation sector. We are experts for all personnel matters and questions concerning flying staff, such as pilots, flight attendants and ground staff, such as technicians or handling personnel.

If you need assistance in one of our services we are looking forward to enter into a new challenge!